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Senior Dating Sites and Free Trials


Even if you're not very experienced on the Internet, there are some excellent senior dating services these days that are very easy to use. Many of the sites will offer you a guided tour to showcase how their service works and obviously they'll highlight all of their best features.

A free trial is probably the best way to discover if the site is right for you and most of the good Senior Dating sites will offer this.

A good free trial will let you access some of the site's main features and even let you send and receive some messages before you join. But most of the sites will place some restrictions on what you can do and how many people you can contact before you decide to join up.

You can understand why they do this because if they made it too easy to do everything on a free trial then nobody would ever join and the site would go out of business!

It's really worth spending some time on your personality profile (whether it's an open ended essay about yourself or a questionnaire). Think carefully about what you want to say because it will make a massive difference in the quality of replies you'll get. It's also worth submitting a good photo of yourself as we discussed in more detail in my article How To Use Your Picture Effectively.

Some sites require you to have your photo or profile manually checked by the staff which may take a day or two before they appear on the site, so try to spend as much time as possible getting your profile completed to your satisfaction.

You'll be asked to provide a screen name in most cases. You can have fun with this but you should also be sensible. Don't forget that your screen name is the first thing that people will see and first impressions count.

Try and think of a name which says something about you. Be cautious about using anything that may sound inappropriate with too much sexual innuendo. This is a good way of frightening off potential matches or attracting the wrong ones (unless of course you are into that kind of thing!)


The great thing about free trials is that you can experiment with different screen names, so by the time you've chosen a site to join, you'll have a name that you're comfortable with and one that's not too similar to everyone else.

Finally, be bold and start sending out a few messages, you're going to have to do it sooner or later. The more messages you send the more comfortable you'll become with the whole concept of Online Senior Dating. You'll also get used to expressing yourself with a few well chosen words and phrases.

Don't forget that you can take a free trial with several senior dating services at the same time, which could be helpful in finding the right one for you.

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    Hi Dayan, I'm not sure which senior dating site you joined but you need to contact them directly.


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