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How to Choose a Good Senior Dating Service


If you've spent any time looking at the online Senior Dating services or even the mainstream Dating Services, you could get the impression that they're all pretty similar.

Yes, the big ones generally look glossy and professional but once you become better acquainted with them and start comparing them in a little more detail, you'll soon realize that they're all quite different.

How do they vary and most importantly, what should you look for in a good Senior Dating site?

Well that all depends on what you are looking to achieve.   If you are only looking for attractive matches for more superficial dating, then you want to look for sites that post all the profiles and photos of their users for you to peruse and steer clear of the ones that require a detailed personality profile where the site does the matching for you.   These are for more serious senior daters who are looking for depth to their relationships.

The first thing to consider is the features that the site offers. Senior Dating sites all have key feature differences.

The most noticeable of these concerns how you go about setting up your profile. You'll come across two main types: Freeform and Structured. The Freeform ones give you lots of space to write about yourself and generally let you scan the profiles of all the members on the site.

Structured ones give you a guiding hand in the form of a questionnaire which in some cases will result in matches that the site makes for you dependent on your answers. So your choices may be a lot more limited, but the work is done for you in determining if there is a common ground for a potential relationship.

If you're a good writer and can think of fresh and original things to say about yourself then a Freeform profile will give you more of an opportunity to express yourself. Be prepared however to invest the time in writing your profile.

Structured sites guide you through the basic questions that some people may fail to mention in a freeform profile, such as eye color, height, weight etc. You'll also get questions about your personality, food preferences and so on. Sometimes a structured site will just ask multiple choice questions but some of them ask what I call open-ended questions.

An open-ended question is one that gives you more room to write about yourself following a leading question such as 'What would be your ideal vacation and why?'

A site that offers a mixture of both types of questions gives you the maximum chance to express yourself.

senior couple

Some sites require you to have your own email address and messages from your contacts will be automatically forwarded to your Inbox. The alternative to this would be a site that requires you to log-in to the site each time to check your messages and reply to your contacts. Both have their merits and pitfalls.

Instant chat (typing messages to each other in real time) is a popular feature of some Senior Dating sites — but do be warned, it can become addictive! (See my article on Senior Dating Mistakes to Avoid.)

'Who's Online' is a useful little feature that tells you just that! If one of your contacts is online at the same time then you'll be able to start an instant chat.

I've mentioned a few of the most common features, but sites are always coming up with new attractions to enhance your Senior dating experience so you should check out my latest recommendations for the best senior dating services.

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