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How to Beat the Heat this Summer

Mature Couple at the BeachYou are probably wondering what this topic has to do with senior dating, right?

Well, now that summer is here (and a full-on heat wave is occurring in my little corner of the world) it's crucial, whether you're out on a date or just going about your normal business, that you're properly prepared to deal with the heat and extreme sunshine.

#1. Hydration. When you go out, carry a water bottle with you. Even if you find it heavy to carry, take it with you but only fill it half full. You will amaze yourself at how quickly you dehydrate in very hot weather. When it is hot you need to drink as much water as possible to keep yourself hydrated because your body needs it to function and to keep cool. Juices are fine in moderation, and while a little sugar is good for your energy level, be cautious about over-doing juices and sodas because they do contain high levels of sugar.

#2. Sunscreen. With the thinning ozone, the time that it takes for our skin to burn is far quicker than it ever was. Even if your good genes have never given you any reason to worry about skin cancer, there is incredible discomfort that comes with a bad sunburn.

Along with feeling like your epidermis is on fire, your body feels like it is running a high fever and this will keep you from having a good night's sleep. And if it is a bad burn the discomfort can last a few days. Take it from one who has suffered many sunburns over the years and has the scars of skin cancer removal to prove it. An ounce of prevention is so worth it.

#3. Wear a hat. Even if you can't find one that you think suits you or you just had your hair done and you are worried about dreaded "hat head", this is extremely important to prevent sunstroke. Even the best sunscreen cannot protect the top of your head and sunstroke is something we all need to be concerned about — especially seniors.

Did you know that even certain medications (antidepressants, beta blockers and diuretics) can make you more susceptible to the effects of the sun? Sunstroke can start with a rise in heart rate and headache, and it can progress to mental and verbal confusion and even loss of consciousness. People actually can end up hospitalized in severe cases. While direct sun is the main cause and a hat will protect your noggin, extreme heat in general and dehydration can also be the cause.

#4. Enjoy the great indoors. What am I blathering about you ask? Well, when it is just too hot sometimes you just have to stay inside and enjoy that beautiful invention we call air conditioning! If you have any worries about your health and how the heat may be detrimental to your well being, stay inside and read a book, watch TV, do some crafts, clean out a closet or go online. Just because it is nice outside, doesn't mean it is right for you to be out there for extended periods of time.

Let's keep these simple tips in mind and carry on enjoying the summer!

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